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Nashional Investments is a fee-based advisor that acts as a fiduciary. The fees we charge for our services and solutions are transparent and easy to understand as discussed below. 



Active Management

For active investment advisory and portfolio management services using traditional investments (mostly individual stocks), Nashional assesses a fixed fee monthly in arrears that is based on the value of the assets under management (AUM). The fee is assessed using the tiered scale shown below. It is applied to total household account value rather than by each individual account. Clients have a choice of having the fees drawn directly from their investment accounts (for ease and convenience) or they may be invoiced separately and paid from another personal account.

Nashional uses an average of the daily balance in the client's account throughout the billing period, after taking into account deposits and withdrawals, for purposes of determining the market value of the assets upon which the advisory fee is based. These fees are generally negotiable and the final fee schedule is included in the Investment Advisory Contract. If services are terminated, clients will be billed up through the date of cancellation.


Passive Management

Fees for passive management generally are assessed at 0.50% annually and billed quarterly in arrears. Passive management may be used in a variety of situations, including but not limited to; for clients that have lower assets under management (such as less than $50,000) and lower costs ETFs are used rather than individual stocks; managing and monitoring the performance of held-away accounts (such as employer-sponsored retirement plans); when allocating to alternative investments (generally anything other than publicly traded stocks, bonds, ETFs that are easily tradeable, have a readily determinable market value, and are very liquid) and providing initial due diligence and ongoing monitoring of performance and communication. These fees are generally negotiable as well and specified in the Investment Advisory Contract or in an Addendum.


Financial Advising Fees

Nashional may work with clients to discuss their financial situation, respond to their inquiries about certain financial topics, perform analyses, and make recommendations at their request. Fees for financial advising are generally billed at an hourly rate of $150 - $300 per hour as services are performed.

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Contact us today to learn more about the various investment options that we offer to help diversify your portfolio.

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