Structured Notes

Nashional Investments offers clients access to structured notes in partnership with Halo, the largest global marketplace connecting financial advisors and leading financial institutions in delivering structured notes to a range of investor portfolios.

A structured note combines a zero-coupon bond issued by a bank and an equity-linked options package, providing investors with flexible return and income possibilities over the life of their investment while mitigating market risks. Structured notes are impactful investments designed to protect investment principal in declining markets while allowing investors to participate in market gains and can generate higher stable fixed income streams without exposure to duration or interest rate risks, unlike ultra-low yielding traditional bonds today.

Structured notes offer clients a unique opportunity to invest in the markets comfortably, knowing that their assets are protected against uncertainties, while building wealth and staying on track to achieving their financial and retirement goals successfully.

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In addition to monthly calendar offerings, we have the ability to create customized notes for our clients or prospective clients with total commitments of $250,000 or more.  This commitment can come from one or more clients.  From time to time we will become aware of other “tack-on” customized opportunities initiated by other registered investment advisory firms and will notify our clients to see if they would like to participate.   


Structured Notes Are A Powerful Portfolio Tool

Investors seek greater control over their portfolios with defined outcomes.


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