Traditional Investments

Traditional investments include individual stocks, bonds, and exchange traded funds (ETFs). 

Nashional Investments provides investment advisory services for traditional investments where we trade and invest your account based on your risk tolerance, investment objective, and time horizon and use either an active or a passive approach (see below).  You can open any type of account (non-retirement; individual retirement accounts, trusts, business accounts, pooled accounts) and we are directly responsible for performing the research, investment selection, and asset allocation. 


The active approach generally focuses on the careful selection of a fixed number of individual stocks or equities, usually 30-35 in total, where 65-70% are identified for intermediate to long-term investing and 30-35% are chosen for shorter term trading profits.  The goal of this approach is to outperform the S&P 500 over the expected holding period of the client’s total investable funds, which may be made up of one or more accounts.   This approach generally is best suited for clients with the following attributes (all do not have to apply, or exceptions can be made):

  • accredited investors
  • upper moderate to very aggressive risk tolerances
  • longer-term investment horizon (greater than 5-10 years)
  • seeking growth rather than income as their primary investment objective
  • have a willingness and ability to endure greater account volatility
  • possess adequate savings and liquidity
  • do not want to simply track the market averages up and down
  • seeking to enhance the return of their overall investment portfolio


The passive approach consists of using a basket of exchange traded funds (ETFs) and creating model portfolios based on the full spectrum of risk tolerances and investment objectives.  This approach provides greater inherent diversification since it uses various funds that include many different holdings, including fixed income.  We are responsible for creating these model portfolios and monitoring and updating the underlying constituents periodically at our own discretion, but we use a third-party subadvisor to automatically rebalance the models quarterly based on their applicable prescribed weightings.  This approach is appropriate for any type of investor since all risk tolerances and objectives are covered.       

How do you get started? 

The first step in the process is to gauge your risk tolerance and investment objectives by completing a short and simple free questionnaire.  We use a third- party software called Riskalyze – to get started click here.  We will receive your results and contact you to discuss further to see if they are in-line with what you have to say.