Group 401(k) retirement plans

Your company's ultimate success is dependent upon your business model and the people that drive and execute your strategies.  Competition is fierce and investing in intellectual capital is costly. If you are unable to attract and retain quality employees you will incur excessive costs for training and recruitment, which may be measured in both real dollars and wasted time.  If this type of situation endures, your business could eventually fail.     

A properly constructed employee benefits package will improve your employees' morale and sense of worth, which will support an overall positive company culture. This impact helps to alleviate the aforementioned inherent risks and increases the chances of your company's success. 

A group 401(k) plan is a critical component of a comprehensive benefits package. It is a smart way to help you and your employees save and invest for retirement in a disciplined and systematic way. The “401(k)” in the title of this type of retirement plan is in reference to an Internal Revenue Service income tax code section. So, with proper planning, and a good understanding of the rules, it can positively impact each participants' tax situation in one way or another - through current pre-tax deductions from taxable income, tax-deferred account growth, or even possibly tax-free distributions later in retirement when the Roth option is offered.

Plan Features and Options:

  • Flexible plan design to enhance benefits and balance costs
  • Broad range of low-cost investment options to choose
  • Tax benefits for both the employer and employee
  • Salary deferrals up to $19,500 for 2021
  • Additional salary deferrals up to $6,500 for those age 50 or older for 2021
  • Access to our tools, resources, and experience to help simplify choosing, administering, and measuring your 401(k) plan
  • Communication and education programs to help drive employee engagement and retirement readiness

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